Brand New, High Quality/High Gloss Keepsakes That Last Forever!

Impress your guests with these fun HD permanent pieces. Manufactured On-Site, Funtastic Photo Favors creates thse one-of-a-kind High Definition Prints right on the spot.

Include the optional Green Screen Feature which allows guests to chose their own fantasy background to compliment the theme.

Items to chose from include:

  1. fun frames
  2. sports frames
  3. snow globes
  4. magnets
  5. key chains
  6. view finders
  7. water clips
  8. fuzzy troll clips
  9. furry frames
  10. hollywood take 1 frames
  11. photo bobble heads
  12. phone cases
  13. pop sockets
  14. phone wallets
  15. photo dog tags
  16. photo ipad covers
  17. photo flip flops
  18. photo id cards
  19. 3d photos
  20. flip photos
  21. stick a pics
  22. photo socks
  23. photo mugs
  24. photo t-shirts
  25. photo basketball backboards
  26. photo dry erase boards
  27. photo mouse pads
  28. photo luggage tags
  29. giant snow globe photos
  30. photo frame wall
  31. magazine cover photo favors
  32. green screen fantasy photos
  33. sports trading cards
  34. step and repeat photo favors
  35. red carpet photo favors
  36. photo bags
  37. photo masks

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