Classic Instagram style filters, best upload to social media. Photos can be SMS texted to smart phone or emailed. Upload photos to custom web gallery. Video capabilities, optional green screen backgrounds. Customized hashtag feature allows guests to print their own instagram pictures directly from their smart phone. Prints 4×6 template or 2 strips. View More Information


Create multi-frame photo animations with green screen backgrounds, custom logos, photo filters, and instant uploading to Facebook, Twitter and Email. Guest can enter information on screen or on iPads while others use the booth. Come back to iPads later on and select which photos you would like to be sent or printed.


The Strip is a completely new concept in the photo booth industry. It demonstrates a simulated film strip using four screens in a vertical position. Throughout event, all screens play slideshow of photos taken. Present client logo on screen throughout event. Fits large groups, very portable to move around event. Many different photo options including 4×6 strips, black and white, street art, fun borders. Social Media Capabilities. View More Information


10×10 ft screen projects a virtual wall for guests to use interactive pens to decorate their photo or free paint, write/add stencils over a backdrop. Guests will receive 4×6 Prints with logo overlay. View More Information


Bring the excitement of Dancing Heads entertainment to your event in the brand new state of the art Booth! Grab a partner or go yourself, put your head in the Green Screen, bob it back and forth to the music while your chosen body does the dancing. Get your photo printed on site, submit your email address, and within minutes you will have a video in your email that you can share with your friends and family. View More Information


Extend Hype and impact through our 3D Photo Booth Experience. 22″ Touchscreen. Prints 4×6 Pictures. Fun borders/designs to choose from. Social Media Capabilities. Email/Facebook/Twitter/ Display your Logo in 3D! Pictures from with Viticulture Frame which allows for optimal 3D experience. View More Information


The Apple PhotoBooth is known for its cool looks and very eye-catching overhead sign. “No-Fade” Studio-Quality Prints taken by a commercial Sony Digital Camera, and a vivid interactive LCD Touchscreen Monitor that allows users to control how they look and also select variouos cool photo print options before pictures are taken. Funny Borders, Hair Styles, Etc. Upload own logo. Saves all Images. View More Information


Rapid double copies of photo strips printed and cut in only 7 seconds. Extra sets of pictures can easily be requested while still in booth. Live video messaging, Email and Facebook Friendly. Can be used as a Sit down or Stand up. Custom Logo can be uploaded for prints. 4×6 photos or 2×6 strips. View More Information


An Interactive photo experience with professional photographer. Picture appears on screen while users can use their fingers to touch or paint with a stylus interactive pen to decorate the picture. Add custom stencils and graphics to personalize, along with a variety of fun stencils to drop on photo. Final photo designs can instantly be emailed to guests with a custom message.

Photo booths

    1. old fashioned photo booth
    2. vintage photobooth
    3. kingdom photobooth
    4. magic mirror photobooth
    5. roaming photobooth
    6. slow-mo photobooth
    7. instacam photobooth
    8. graffiti wall photobooth
    9. pylon photobooth
    10. white open air photobooth
    11. strip photobooth
    12. vogue photobooth
    13. 360 spinner photobooth
    14. photo studio photobooth
    15. spiral photobooth
    16. inflatable led photobooth
    17. red carpet photobooth
    18. itouch photobooth
    19. dancing heads recording booth
    20. light painting photobooth
    21. gif photobooth
    22. b/w glam photobooth
    23. augmented reality photobooth
    24. robot photobooth
    25. led light tunnel photobooth
    26. big red chair photobooth

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